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Claire Bennet
9 April
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"My name is Claire Bennet and that was attempt number ... I guess I've lost count."

Claire's an ex-cheerleader possessing the ability of rapid-cellular regeneration. Little Miss Miracle-Gro. Her own private freakshow. She's the go-to girl for escaping the government and fixing malfunctioning abilities. She only drinks chocolate milk and she draws mermaids in the margins of her notebook. She collects teddy bears from around the world and can be reached at 703-555-0187.

Born the illegitimate child of Meredith Gordon and Nathan Petrelli, Claire nearly died in a fire when she was 18 months old. She was saved by The Company and raised as part of Sandra and Noah Bennet's family for the next 15 years. She found out she was indestructible and the hunt began. After trying to be a damsel, normal, a hero and a carnival sideshow, she's feeling pretty lost and alone.

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An Invisible Thread: Post-season 4 Heroes canon, Sylar continues trying to make amends for his actions, including seeking forgiveness from Claire. Meanwhile, she's just trying to make sure specials have a place in the world and wondering if she could ever really forgive the man who's responsible it all.

Elle & Claire's Lesbian Adventures: Divergent from Eris Quod Sum, Elle doesn't choose to go with Pinehearst -- she returns to the Company with Peter and Claire and the two try to find another way to get her ability under control with varying levels of success.

Xover Academy: An AU storyline around season 2. Wolverine comes to Costa Verde High School to invite Claire to come to Xavier's Academy.

Name: Claire Bennet
"Real" Name: Emma De Luca
Room Number: F34 with Bella Swan
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'1"
Other Characteristics: No further distinguishing characteristics.

Main Language: English
Second Language(s): horrible, horrible Spanish

Canon Point: 3.05 Angels and Monsters
Current Physical Status: perfect health
Current Power Limitations: Slowed regeneration, inability to survive suffocation (revives once airflow is restored), adverse effects to full limb regrowth, susceptibility to alcohol and other metabolized drugs that present themselves in the blood stream. Still cannot feel pain, remains immune to all illnesses excluding cancers. Her blood will heal minor damage once a night (i.e., first and second degree burns) as well as alleviate some of the pain and severity of more serious wounds.
Current Belongings: Damned starter kit, a paper fortune teller she made with Elena and a wooden baseball bat.

Informational Link: application for Landel's Institute
Series (name of the series the character is from): Heroes
"Real Life" Background: [none so far]
Thread tracking: here
CR Chart: here

Canon Point: roughly 3.20
CR Chart: here.

All relevant information on Claire for paradisa can be found at her wiki, here.

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