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Claire Bennet
18 January 2020 @ 11:20 am

"Hi, this is Claire -- or, well, not, I guess, since it's my voicemail.
[pause] Well, either way, you know what to do. Sorry I
missed your call; I'll give you a call back as soon as I get the chance."

capabilities: picture, video, text, voice
**specify method in subject line**
Claire Bennet
07 December 2019 @ 08:31 pm
Confession time! I'm not perfect. I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but I have been known on occasion to be less than impressive. Lmao no, totally kidding, I'm not even going to pretend I'm anywhere near perfect, which is why this is your generic How's My Driving post for Claire. If you see me doing anything that you don't think syncs up with how you view Claire Bennet, let me know, and I'll either explain my reasoning or fix it right away.

Questions, comments, concerns, all of it's welcome. I do ask that you try to provide specific thread reference so I can see myself in action and apply your constructive criticism better. I'm turning anonymous commenting on, but I'll warn you right now that I'm leaving IP logging on so that if anyone trolls my journal and/or HMD, I can take care of it. I promise I won't check if you just leave concrit. ♥ It's not the person who matters, it's the validity of what they've got to say.

And, mmm, I think that covers everything. Go crazy.
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Claire Bennet
20 April 2015 @ 10:27 pm
This entry is basically how I'm going to keep track of Claire's life and timeline in Damned, so I'll be editing it accordingly. Mostly for my reference, but if you're looking for a log you did with Claire, it'll probably be listed here.

DAY 49 THREADSCollapse )

NIGHT 49 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 50 THREADSCollapse )

NIGHT 50 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 51 THREADSCollapse )

NIGHT 51 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 52 THREADSCollapse )

NIGHT 52 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 53 THREADSCollapse )

NIGHT 53 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 54 THREADSCollapse )

NIGHT 54 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 55 THREADSCollapse )

NIGHT 55 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 56 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 57 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 58 THREADSCollapse )

DAY 59 THREADSCollapse )
Claire Bennet
[ This was a stupid idea. It was a stupid idea, and Claire didn't need anyone to tell her so. Maybe that was why she'd kept it close to the vest and not talked to Spike or Peter about it.

Or maybe it was just because she felt guilty. After all, if she was going to criticize Peter for altogether using Adam, then he had every right to criticize her for trying the soothe the savage beast approach with Sylar -- she knew as much. She knew it and it's why she couldn't sit around and listen to him say it. Trying to play babysitter so Sylar didn't go on a rampage about Spike leaving was just as likely to end in her being the victim of the rampage.

Which was precisely why when she did get to his place, she stood outside the door for what might have been ten minutes before finally owning her (potentially terrible) life decision and knocking. This had nowhere to go but down.
Claire Bennet
[ After Katara's left and the clean-up's been done, Claire moves to start digging through her bag to acquire her brother's portable DVD player. It's not exactly a big screen, but she has a feeling unlike most guys from Earth, Zuko's media standards aren't too demanding. She looks back over at him with a thoughtful smile as she digs out the DVDs.

It's weird, and she's not actually going to say it out loud because that would just be a little too much with the honest-ish policy she's working on, but she's kinda missed the Fire Nation in general. Spending as much time as she did there meant getting a little used to it. It's nice to be back for a visit.

Where should I set this stuff up, anyway? Your room?
Claire Bennet
11 February 2011 @ 05:30 pm
Claire Bennet
05 February 2011 @ 11:53 am
[ The beach. Also known as the single greatest way for Claire to feel at home. The prospect sure was doing its job of making her feel less out of place in the strange world of the Fire Nation. Of course, Zuko being around was helping too. Even if she was feeling a sudden excitable impatience that seriously counteracted how pumped she'd been before about sneaking out and learning how to be as stealthy as he was. ]

I bet the water's really warm from the volcano too, huh? [ Already dressed in her new bathing suit (which … really did fit creepily well, chalk one up to custom made clothes, she supposed), she rolled up a towel, stuffing it into her bag and shifting her gaze over to Zuko. ]

What's the plan for getting past your guards, anyway? Distraction? I'm not above flashing some leg if it'll keep them from seeing you leave. [ Look it … would not be the first time her plan relied on her severely flawed feminine wiles. And maybe, just maybe, that was her first avenue of assumption just because she had full expectations of it leading to a Zuko-level explosion of awkward tsundere. ]
Claire Bennet
14 January 2011 @ 08:31 am
The How's My Driving? Meme